One of our European customers had a development program to design and build a 6,000m rated AUV to complement and support their existing fleet of underwater vehicles.

An AUV is an autonomous drone designed to accomplish intelligent missions without assistance from an operator. It was envisaged that the new vehicle would be able to undertake a high frequency of extended dives, whilst scanning the sea and visually inspecting localised areas near the sea floor. The vehicle was designed around an array of sensors for physical and chemical analysis whilst simultaneously producing sets of topographical and physico-chemical data. The new vehicle will enable operators to produce, in a single dive, data sets relating to geology, geophysics and geology which would normally require several dives.

For the project to be a success it was identified that the selected connector manufacturer would have to complete an extensive qualification program and supply a range of connectors that delivered high levels of reliability, low weight and offer the ability to maintain the vehicle between dives.

The Solution


Based on glass to metal (GTM) technology for critical pressure barriers.



Based on a pressure balanced design manufactured from Peek to reduce weight.


Pressure Balanced

That were fitted to a range of pressure compensated JB's.

The new designs completed the extensive qualification program and were then manufactured with a range of highly customised wiring detail to meet the requirements of the vehicle’s electrical system.


The design, qualification and manufacturing for the entire project was carried out in a highly compressed timeframe to meet key project deliverables. The vehicle successfully completed sea trials and entered service for the customer. The highly reliable products developed for this project are now being used during vehicle upgrades on other vehicles in the customer's operating fleet.

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