Underwater Connectivity

Supporting customer operations in demanding locations

CRE designs and manufactures an extensive range of subsea electrical & fibre optic products, all-metal shell connectors, penetrators, strain terminations and junction boxes for extremely heavy use.

Trusted in the most rigorous underwater applications on the planet — from the splash zone to 11,000m.

Experience & Innovation

Creating bespoke
subsea solutions

CRE’s in-house engineering department combines decades of experience to create the most cutting-edge, high performance products in the industry.

Our engineers adopt an innovative approach to deliver elegant solutions for our customers’ unique requirements, quickly and efficiently. The team leverages an extensive base of established subsea connector designs to launch a wider and more challenging range of complex applications.

Utilising state-of-the-art 3D modelling software, we can provide bespoke solutions for our customers.

Case Study

6,000m Underwater Research AUV

One of our European customers had a development program to design and build a 6,000m rated AUV to complement and support their existing fleet of underwater vehicles.

An AUV is an autonomous drone designed to accomplish intelligent missions without assistance from an operator. It was envisaged that the new vehicle would be able to undertake a high frequency of extended dives, whilst scanning the sea and visually inspecting localised areas near the sea floor. 

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Case Study

Subsea Pipeline Inspection AUV

We were approached by a high profile and world renowned, Asian multi-industry company. They were developing a new design of AUV with a primary function to carry out subsea pipeline inspections.

The customer wished to appoint one manufacturer that could support all aspects of the various connector and cable requirements within the vehicle; thereby enabling them to partner with a sole supplier without the requirement to manage numerous suppliers.

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Case Study

Rapid Delivery of a Scope of Supply

CRE, designs and manufactures their own metal shell connector range and holds significant levels of inventory from other subsea connector OEMs.

This enables CRE to provide a complete service to a customer, offering CRE/OEM standard products as well as custom designed CRE product when there isn’t an industry standard product to meet a customer’s requirement.

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Case Study

Manned Submersible Quick Release

CRE supply several customers that specialise in the manufacture of one atmosphere manned vehicles for the private, commercial and military markets.

During a dive there could be certain scenarios where the release, from the vehicle, of items such as batteries or manipulators are considered necessary. Historically, this has been achieved using pyrotechnic fasteners and a guillotine that is qualified to cut the cable attached to the assemblies.

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Customer Testimonials

"Your NCR close out was very professional with all the actions completed in a timely manner, our drawing has now been updated to reflect the latest build standard."

"We have received the shipment, thank you and all the team for turning the subsea cable around so quickly. Very professional, great service."

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly today with all the quotations I sent through, great response and greatly appreciated!"

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